英 [bɪld]      美 [bɪld]
  • vt. 建立;建筑
  • vi. 建筑;建造
  • n. 构造;体形;体格
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build 建造

来自PIE *bheue, 存在,生长,居住。词源同booth, bothy.

build: [OE] In common with a wide range of other English words, including bower, booth, and the – bour of neighbour, build comes ultimately from the Germanic base *- ‘dwell’. A derivative of this, Germanic *buthlam, passed into Old English as bold, which meant ‘house’; the verb formed from this, byldan, thus originally meant ‘construct a house’, and only gradually broadened out in meaning to encompass any sort of structure.
=> boor, booth, bower, build, byre, neighbour
build (v.)
late Old English byldan "construct a house," verb form of bold "house," from Proto-Germanic *buthlam (cognates: Old Saxon bodl, Old Frisian bodel "building, house"), from PIE *bhu- "to dwell," from root *bheue- "to be, exist, grow" (see be). Rare in Old English; in Middle English it won out over more common Old English timbran (see timber). Modern spelling is unexplained. Figurative use from mid-15c. Of physical things other than buildings from late 16c. Related: Builded (archaic); built; building.
In the United States, this verb is used with much more latitude than in England. There, as Fennimore Cooper puts it, everything is BUILT. The priest BUILDS up a flock; the speculator a fortune; the lawyer a reputation; the landlord a town; and the tailor, as in England, BUILDS up a suit of clothes. A fire is BUILT instead of made, and the expression is even extended to individuals, to be BUILT being used with the meaning of formed. [Farmer, "Slang and Its Analogues," 1890]
build (n.)
"style of construction," 1660s, from build (v.). Earlier in this sense was built (1610s). Meaning "physical construction and fitness of a person" attested by 1981. Earliest sense, now obsolete, was "a building" (early 14c.).
1. If you build more plastics into cars, the car lasts longer.
2. She dusted herself down and left to build her own career.
3. Dr. Johnson and I have been trying to build him up physically.
4. The money to build the power station ought to have been sufficient.
5. How much delay should we build into the plan?


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