英 [əˈreɪndʒ]      美 [əˈreɪndʒ]
  • vt. 安排;排列;整理
  • vi. 安排;排列;协商
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1. rangier "set in a row, place in a row, arrange, get into line," from rang "row, line" => rank.
2. rank => range ( "row, line" => "row, line or position than a gun can send a bullet" => "distance a gun can send a bullet" => 射程、范围、幅度 => 在射程或范围内徘徊、漫游 => 放牧场(在一个大的区域、范围类游荡)。
3. rank => range, arrange, ranch.
arrange 安排

前缀ar-同ad-. range, 排列。

arrange: [14] Arrange is a French formation: Old French arangier was a compound verb formed from the prefix a- and the verb rangier ‘set in a row’ (related to English range and rank). In English its first, and for a long time its only meaning was ‘array in a line of battle’. Shakespeare does not use it, and it does not occur in the 1611 translation of the Bible. It is not until the 18th century that it becomes at all common, in the current sense ‘put in order’, and it has been speculated that this is a reborrowing from modern French arranger.
=> range, rank
arrange (v.)
late 14c., "draw up a line of battle," from Old French arengier (12c.), from a- "to" (see ad-) + rangier "set in a row" (Modern French ranger), from rang "rank," from Frankish *hring (see rank (n.)).

A rare word until the meaning generalized to "to place things in order" c. 1780-1800. Musical sense of "adapt for other instruments or voices" is from 1808. Related: Arranged; arranging. Arranged marriage attested from 1854.
1. It is not for me to arrange such matters.
2. Customers who arrange overdrafts will face a monthly charge of £5.
3. I will arrange for someone to take you round.
4. We can arrange unsecured loans for any amount from £500 to £7,500.
5. He had managed to arrange to stay on in Adelaide.


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