英 [æbˈsɪʃ.ən]      美 [æbˈsɪʃ.ən]
  • n. 切断;切除;顿断法
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1. ab- "off, away" + sciss- + -ion.
2. 含义:removal or cutting away, cutting off.
abscission (n.)
"removal or cutting away," early 15c., from Latin abscissionem (nominative abscissio) "a cutting off," noun of action from past participle stem of abscindere "to cut off" (see abscissa).
1. It is antagonistic abscisic acid in abscission.
2. Abscission of the tightly rolled , needlelike tips of the injured leaves quite often occurred.
3. Objective : To introduce a way of epicanthus correction by inferior edge abscission.
目的: 介绍一种通过内眦下边缘离断矫正内眦赘皮方法.
4. The roof abscission layer is the biggest security hidden danger in bolting support tunnel.
5. Epithelial cells necrosis and abscission in the lamellae, there are bacterials. 1 - capillary vessel, 2 , 3 - bacterials.
鳃小片上皮细胞发生坏死脱落,毛细血管裸露, 其上粘附有细长的细菌. 1- 毛细血管, 2 、 3-细菌.